Body builders can build muscles either by free weight exercises or with the aid of machines. Both free weight exercises and machines have their pros and cons. However, machines do serve better to achieve the goals. Machines work on isolated muscle groups and help determine where more work and effort is needed. For beginners, it is easier to start with machines as sometimes it can be difficult for them to balance the weights with free weight exercises. Machines help in maintaining a safe and supported position while working out, which in turn reduces stress on the joints.


Here are the top 9 machines which are most helpful in getting the perfectly toned body without really going through the pains and time taking rigor of free weight exercises.

  1. Incline Chest Press: This one helps in building the chest muscles. It targets on upper pectorals i.e. chest, shoulders and triceps. Close grip (palms facing down) is used to gain muscles in chest and triceps, whereas neutral grip (palms facing each other) is used for shoulder muscles.Incline-chest-press-1
  2. Lat Pull Down: This machine helps in gaining muscles in the back. Reverse pull-up is known as “Pull Down”. Pull down helps in increasing the width and definition of the back. Wide and narrow grips are used that target side-back and middle-back respectively.Wide-grip-lat-pull-down-2
  3. Seated Overhead Press: This one focuses on the back and the biceps muscles simultaneously, making the upper body stronger. Alternatively, heavy barbells are used to work out on shoulder muscles, which can cause injury to rotator cuff muscles, if done without a trainer. Hence working out using this machine can eliminate such type of risks.Seated-Overhead-Press-Machine
  4. Biceps Curl: As the name suggests, it is used for the biceps muscles. It provides great isolation to both biceps heads. Therefore, it is an excellent machine both for the beginners as well as the highly trained bodybuilders.Biceps Curl
  5. Triceps Extensions: This machine complements the biceps curl. It targets the triceps muscles by providing independent movement to arm muscles.Triceps Extensions
  6. Leg Extension: It is aperfect machine for the legs. It isolates each quadriceps muscles and warms up all four of them. It increases the separation between quad muscles making the work out perfect for toned legs. However, using this machine can put stress on joints; hence people suffering from knee pain should take extra caution.LegExtensionMachineExercise
  7. Leg Press: It is used for lower body i.e. glutes, hamstrings and quads. Working out in this machine can be a good way to increase mass in quadriceps. It can also be used as a substitute for squats for people struggling with back pain.Leg Press
  8. Seated Calf Toes Press: This machine focuses on calf muscles in lower legs. Special care should be taken of calves because these muscles are strained throughout the day in movements like walking, running or even climbing stairs. It takes care of gastrocnemius and soleus which makes the calves strong.Seated Calf Toes Press
  9. Abdominal Crunch: It is an excellent replacement of neck-tweaking sit-ups which is performed to get that coveted 6 pack and now 8 pack abs. It tones down the abdominal muscles and helps in getting a flat tummy.Abdominal Crunch