Convenience plays an important role when we decide to do something. Anything that is convenient to do makes the work easier and increases the probability of success. Going to gym everyday may not be convenient for everyone due to a plethora of reasons like logistics, lack of times, finances etc. This adversely impacts the workout schedule. According to the experts, the best gym is one which can be visited daily. But looking at the constraints mentioned above the best workout place for anyone is his/her “Home”.

Fit person

It should be kept in mind that whether we are working out at a gym or at home, every muscle of our body should be trained equally. All said, one plans to work out at home, these 7 machines are a must have.

1. Dumbbells: These are the most basic equipment for workout at home. A wide variety of exercises can be done using dumbbells. There are two different types of dumbbells:

  • Adjustable Dumbbells: Weights can be changed with the turn of a dial.Adjustable Dumbbell
  • Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells: Weight can be changed by loading/unloading the actual plates.Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell

2. Workout Bench: It allows training muscles by changing positions (flat, inclined and declined). Some of the important workouts like leg raises, triceps dips, decline sit ups, biceps curls, shoulder lateral raises etc. can be easily done with a bench. While buying a bench, stability of the frame and softness the pads ought to be checked.Workout Bench3. Resistance Bands: Resistance bands are elastic bands with handgrip at each end. It is easy and portable home workout equipment that provides constant tension throughout lifting movement. Using resistance band is a fast and efficient way to gain muscles by increasing the intensity of the exercise. It can also be used as a pulley by attaching it to a door.Resistance Bands

4. Kettlebell: Kettlebells are going popular these days due to their strong effects on the body. It is a cast iron ball to which a handle is attached. It tones down the muscles of the whole body by shifting the center of gravity during exercise and also helps in building coordination.Kettlebell

5. Suspension Trainer: This is used for core and stabilizer muscles. It adds an element of instability to the workout which increases the strength and stability of these muscles.Suspension Trainer

6. Pull Up Bar: Attached to the doorway or onto the wall, this equipment can be used for heavy workout. It focuses on arm muscles as Muscle builder has to lift his body with his arms. It can also be used for leg raises.Pull Up Bar

7. Home Gym: Though home gyms are not a must for working out at home, but they do provide facilities for many exercises like leg extensions and curls that cannot be done with dumbbells and bench. The facilities that a home gym provides are – “Lat pulldown, standing leg curls, seated bench press, seated leg extension etc.” A home gym is a boon for every body builder who wants to be able to perform all the variety of workouts which otherwise is possible only at the gym.

Home Gym