Certain ways which if followed during the phase of the intake of Phen375 can reduce weight in a quicker manner. These ways include:

i) Removing sugars and most importantly starches from the diet which immediately reduce the secretion of insulin inside the body. This also helps as the kidneys start shedding excessive water and sodium out of the body, thereby reducing the unnecessary body water weight. Hence by cutting the carbs, you can lower your insulin and thus by default you will consume lesser calories and that too without hunger.

ii) Your meal should contain a fat source, a protein source and green vegetables in it. The sources of protein are meat, fish, eggs, sea foods etc. Several green vegetables include broccoli, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, lettuce, swiss chard, Brussels sprouts etc. Sources of fats can include coconut oil, olive oil, butter, lard, tallow etc. The best cooking fat that you can use is coconut oil. Consuming a diet like this automatically brings down your carb intake. You can consume 2 to 3 meals of the specified varieties per day.

Weight Loss

iii) You must engage yourself in some physical activities every day. Exercising for 3 to 4 times a week certainly helps one to stay healthy and slim. Also small workouts like jogging, running and swimming helps maintain a stable physique. This helps you burn some calories and gears up your rate of metabolism.

iv) Drink a lot of water. Drinking water half an hour before the meal helps reducing calories more effectively and also boosts up the metabolism.

v) Replacing grain based breakfast with eggs can make you feel more full for the entire day and hence will lead you to consume less and thus reduce weight.

vi) Eating viscous fiber supplements can help you reduce weight, particularly in the belly area.

vii) Avoiding poor sleep can reduce obesity and weight gain. Thus maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule is very important.

viii) Try not to skip meals and also try to stay busy so that you don’t consume more food just because you are feeling bored.

ix) Consume juices made from raw vegetables and fruits. They can remove toxins from your body, thereby helping you lose weight. Try buying a juice cleansing packet online or from a healthy store.

x) You can incorporate a master diet. It is basically an ‘only liquid’ diet consisting of lemonade, herbal laxatives and salt water. This diet can be accompanied by raw vegetables and fruits. It helps in weight reduction on a short term basis.

xi) One can also go for a water diet. It involves drinking 8 cups of cold water per day at regular intervals. One glass of water can be consumed before each meal to suppress the appetite and thus to reduce the amount of intake of food. This kind of diet plan also should be used for a very short span of time.

Weight Loss

xii) Try fasting diet. It states that for approximately two days a week, one should consume 500 to 600 calories. On these two days, one should stick to vegetables, fruits and other healthy food items.

xiii) Try avoiding the intake of alcohol and soft drinks. The consumption of tea and coffee can be limited to only one or two per day.

xiv) Use a slim fast plan. This diet will limit your calorie intake. It only focuses on the basic demands your body requires. If you take lesser amount of food than what you usually take, your body will work to make up the lack of energy by utilising your existing fat reserve. This plan can be coupled with a regular exercise plan can give better results.